Monday, October 15, 2012

Reflecting on the Day

I don't know how often you got back and read your prior blog entries, but I do from time to time. It's fun to go back and see what you were feeling and thinking at the time.  It's also interesting to see plans you were making, or something you were hoping for and knowing now the results.

For fun, I thought I would post links to the five blog entries from around this time in years' past.  I hope they're as interesting for you to read (or read again) as they were when I wrote them... You can't say it hasn't been an amazing journey....

October 2007 - I had just left Minneapolis, MN for Buffalo, NY where I changed from a surgical resident to an Emergency Medicine resident.  I pondered my choice at times, but I was enjoying it so far.

October 2008 - One of many trips over the years with my mom to her favorite place, Laughlin NV.  I still have a big brandy sifter (the really big Spencer's plastic kind) full of coins.  All the state quarters have been collected.  And, we still travel frequently to Laughlin which I've written about multiple times before.

October 2009 - "Cowboy."  Even today reading the post back again, I remember this patient.  One of the many regulars who I have treated.  Still a poster child for every patient that really has disease and will die of it one day due to non-compliance.  Ride on, Cowboy, Ride on...

October 2010 - We were still exploring the new world we had moved to in Northern California.  I started a new blog.  I still drive my Jeep to this beach and have been back many times... now with my new dogs... now from my new house... I love this place...!

October 2011 - A city mouse goes back to the city and realizes she just might be a country mouse after all.  Although, I do love good food and fast cars... there's nothing wrong with that, right...?


That corgi :) said...

I went back and checked them all out and I had commented on 4/5 of them (not the first one because I wasn't blogging in October 2007); it was fun to see the changing pictures I had used of Koda :)

It is interesting to go back and look over what was going on in different periods of our lives; thanks for sharing!


Barb said...

It really is interesting to reread our posts from time-to-time. Doing that is one of the things that has enabled me to keep on track. I am sorry I've not kept up with your blog. It's not easy when hubby is on hospice. Hope to stay on top from now on. Will try not to miss any more. I enjoy reading what you write. take care.