Monday, October 17, 2011

City Living

A couple of weeks ago, my mother was reminding me that I am a city girl.  I shouldn't be thinking about cows and trucks and whether or not to get a 4x4 with a hemi engine.  She reminded me that I like small sports cars, good restaurants, and the hustle and bustle of city life.  That was tested this weekend as I went to San Francisco for our annual conference.

 I mean, what's not to miss about the glitz of the city... and don't even get me going on the food... Love, love, love the food, the variety, the preparation...

Hubert Keller, I love you and Fleur de Lys even though you've ruined me for regular food forever...

But, despite it all, I love my little cowtown.  I find I am missing my chickens and guinea fowl.  I had a dream about cows last night... seriously.  Although... I have to admit, it's been fun shopping at the Crate and Barrel store and seeing things out of the catalog.  It's been fun finding tile and fixture stores and being able to touch things before ordering them.  Ok, ok... so we'll have to still come to the city to get my fix every now and then... but I am still buying that truck...!

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That corgi :) said...

You go girl with the truck! It is good that you are relatively close to the big city when you need to get a fix of it!