Sunday, September 25, 2011

Laying a Dream to Rest

There's a great episode of "Friends" where Ross makes a list of 5 famous people he's "allowed" to sleep with.  He bumps Isabella Rossellini (btw, one of the most beautiful women ever) for Wynona Ryder on his list and then runs into Isabella when she comes into the coffee house.  To see that scene watch here.

Almost 4 years ago, I wrote a blog post about Paul Kariya.  He was definitely always on my list, and, as I said then, my now husband knew that he was the only man I would ever leave him for.  One of my goals in the blog post was to one day have one of my hockey sweaters signed by him.  Now, I guess that dream won't come true.

I found out this week that Paul Kariya has retired from the NHL.  I knew that he was still suffering the effects of post-concussion syndrome, and that is why he sat out the entire last season.  I thought that with time he would be able to come back.  He had in the past with neck-strengthening exercises and physical therapy, but I guess now the risk was too great.  While I am happy that he won an olympic gold medal for Canada, I am sad he never won the ultimate prize in hockey, the Stanley Cup.

I haven't followed hockey in about 3 years, and I was really hoping this would be the year I would start again.  I looked up his name to see what team he had ended up signing on with only to find he had retired.  So there it is.  Without a local hockey team (at least not one where I can drive less than 6 hours to see), I have no impetus to even follow the sport.  Maybe one day I will again... but, I don't think there'll be another player I find as dynamic and exciting, who was always a great ambassador for the sport (two-time Lady Byng recipient).

I will miss you, Paul, but I think my husband might be sleeping a little easier... :-)


betty said...

Never heard of him until today, Veronica, but looking at his picture, he is mighty fine looking! I am sorry your dream had to be shattered like this, realizing he was retired, but deep down I know you would hever have really thought leaving your hubby :)

Enjoyed watching hockey here and there; son used to like the fights of it (go figure).

Hope all is going well


tedandshel said...

think of all the time he will have to sign the 'sweater' now that he's retired!!
:-) Michelle

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