Monday, June 25, 2012

Waxing Melancholia

Isn't it funny sometimes how something so simple can set off a chain of memories?  Today was a burn day, and you know how I love a good burn.  We're still doing a lot of clearing around the property, and I have spent several days going through a lot of boxes, etc. since we've been cleared from our rental house once and for all and everything we own is now up at our new home.  Today we cleared out a number of boxes from underneath the car port to make room for the new riding lawn mower, and I placed them on the fire.

The box you see in the front of the pile is from my Sony Dream System.

It was the first major purchase I bought after I started my internship year.  I can still remember going to the Best Buy on North Avenue and being so excited carrying the box out to my car.  I got home and carefully set everything up in my living room.  All the wires were color-coordinated and made set up so easy.  Popped in that first DVD and relished in the ear-shattering "the audience is listening" THX surround sound.

Back to the box.  The system was so well packed, that this box made the move from Chicago to Boston to Minneapolis to St. Paul to Buffalo then cross-country to Northern California.  It was one of the boxes that I always carefully stored and kept from move to move.  And, today, I finally burned it.  It actually brought a bit of a tear to my eye thinking that it had made it through the last, almost 10 years, and would not longer be needed... that it had made it to the final move... that I'm finally home... 


That corgi :) said...

oh I bet that was a special time to burn that particular box, Veronica! I'm just amazed you guys have burn days though!!


Lori said...

Goodbye box, and hello permanent HOME! Great post!