Thursday, June 16, 2011


As you know, I've bought a house on 25 acres.  Twenty-five acres of almost untouched wilderness.  There's a front five acres that hasn't been touched in 16 years.  The only thing going through it are the myriad of deer trails cutting through the trees.  Until today.

About a week or so ago I actually bought a chainsaw.  In 30 minutes I went from medical maven to Chainsaw 101 novice.  I spent that time with the Husqvarna salesman who talked to me about horsepower, torque, blade length and what kind of chain to use with what kind of wood.  I haven't turned it on, but today my husband did.

We spent the afternoon when I got off my work shift clearing a path on the Front Five;  enlarging one of those deer trails.  He went ahead cutting limbs and small trees, and I followed behind, pulling the branches and tossing them into areas we had designated for the foliage.  Then we got to an area with a large clearing.  That's when I got to work.

I used the weed-eater to clear the brush and greens from around the bases of small trees then my hubby cut them down.  We then made several large piles with the thought of coming back with a "Bush Hog" and getting all the underbrush in the open areas trimmed down.  Of course, we can always just put a fence around everything and get those goats we've been talking about... 


betty said...

goats?? how fun! Somehow I never expected goats, but it does sound like an adventure!! You go girl with that chainsaw! Next time your turn with it! just be safe so you don't end up an ER story :)


Jeanie said...

I like the sound of the goats munching their way through the undergrowth.
As for the chainsaw....I would be terrified to switch it on!
I wish you both luck with not too many aches and pains by the time you have finished.
I echo Betty's sentiments too.
Enjoy...but take care!

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