Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Spalicious Start

Ok, so I just got back from a short trip to Maui, and it was amazing.  After driving five hours south to get to San Francisco to catch our plane, and then flying five hours to get to the island, I thought we'd start off our trip with a little decompression therapy.  Since I had heard so much about the spa at the hotel where we were staying, I thought I'd book us a little spa package.... so worth it!

You start off in a sumptuous lobby area and are then separated (boy's side and girl's side).  You're led into a locker area where you get a towel and your own pair of slippers.  Clothing is optional in the spa area (I opted for coverage), and then you're shown around the different baths.  You get an hour to wander around and enjoy everything from 4 different hot tubs at various temperatures, to a variety of salt soaking baths, to dry or wet sauna rooms, and then a choice of different showers from a full body power wash to a muscle-pounding waterfall shower. 

At some point during your "bath time," one of the assistants takes you into the treatment room for an exfoliation.  It's a combo salt, oil and warm shower massage which leaves you tingly and ready to go back to the baths.  All around are extra towels, water or mango iced tea and fresh fruit.  You can sit and soak or lay back on a lounge chair and relax.

After your hour is up, you're given a robe and told to undress before heading upstairs to your spa treatment area.  I met my husband on a landing which overlooks the fountains, pools and beach in front of the hotel.  We sat and sipped water on lounge chairs while waiting to be called for our treatments.

Soon a pair of assistants called us into our own private room for the rest of the afternoon.  There we had the most amazing exfoliation and wrap treatment followed by a scented oil bath and then a luxurious hour-long deep tissue massage.  We came out of the spa feeling buffed, polished, smooth as silk and as relaxed as we could possibly be at that moment... then the real fun began!


betty said...

now I want to hear more about the real fun; sounds like a neat getaway though Veronica! I've never been pampered like this in a spa, but it does sound like it would really be neat to experience at least once in one's lifetime!


Jeanie said...

I remember having an hour long massage once over. I felt like a piece of rubber at the end of it. It was as though I had no bones left in my body. Had I gone through all those treatments that you had they would have just poured me down the drain when they pulled the plug out. lol
It sounded so fabulous Veronica! I wish.....

Julie said...

That sounds like a dream come true. Gee, I need to spend my long trips recovering like that.

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